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Production and Marketing of Retained Heat Cooker (RHC)in Cox’s Bazar

  • Current Status of the Project:Completed
  • Project Starting Date:01 November 2015
  • Project Completion Date:01 June, 2016
  • Project Organizer:GIZ Bangladesh
  • Project Categories:
Completed Projects

Production and Marketing of Retained Heat Cooker (RHC)in Cox’s Bazar

TIME FRAME: 01 November 2015to 01 June, 2016

The Nature Conservation Management (NACOM) is working for sustainable energy issue in Bangladesh and in this connection an agreement has been made with GIZ Bangladesh for production and promotion of Retained Heat Cookers/ Wonder bag. Local community group of the Cox’s Bazar region are being producing the RHC with technical support of GIZ. This activity has been considered as business model for sustainability of the program and reduce the emission of the GHG emission by conserving wood and biomass fuel. Retained heat cookers (RHCs) promise to increase energy efficiency in cooking with retained heat in the modern kitchen or anywhere, particularly when cooking with water. When cooking rice, potatoes vegetables, soups, stews, dried beans, and even a whole chicken or steamed pudding, once food is heated to boiling point on the stove, cooking can continue in a retained heat cooker, thereby offering multiple benefits.


  • Reduction of cooking energy consumption (biomass, gas … )
  • CO2 emission reductions
  • Reduction of indoor air pollution
  • Potential monetary savings for households through reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduction of cooking related workload and convenience aspects
  • Create small and medium sized businesses