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Implementation of Biodiversity Conservation Action Plan at Sonadia Island

  • Current Status of the Project:On Going
  • Project Starting Date:2019
  • Project Completion Date:2024
  • Project Organizer:Summit LNG Terminal Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Project Categories:
On Going

Implementation of Biodiversity Conservation Action Plan at Sonadia Island

Bangladesh has made significant progress in development in recent decades both in government and private sector. Along with other private sectors in Bangladesh, Summit LNG Terminal Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. is also working and also implementing Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP 2019) since December 2019 to protect and conserve biodiversity for achieving “No net loss and net gain” by awareness creation activities and monitoring of threatened species.

No net loss (NNL) and net gain (NG) are biodiversity goals that aim to ensure that development leaves biodiversity in the same or better condition as it was before. No net loss (NNL) is a more conservative goal, while net gain (NG) is a more ambitious goal. NNL seeks to avoid and minimize biodiversity impacts, and to compensate for any residual impacts. NG seeks to improve biodiversity outcomes overall.

In view of the above, a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP 2019) was developed by Environment Resource Management (ERM) for Summit LNG Terminal Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. (SLTCPL) which complies with the requirements of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standard (PS) 6, ‘Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources’ (IFC 2012). The IFC PS 6 requires several specific management actions to be considered to manage biodiversity values in the project area.

Nature Conservation Management (NACOM) has been engaged by SLTCPL for implementing the Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) of the Offshore Summit LNG Terminal, Moheshkhali, Bangladesh at Sonadia Island and adjacent areas for reducing the potential impacts caused due to terminal and regular operations activities on biodiversity and the overall improvement of the environment and ecosystem.