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Elephant Conservation and Human Elephant Conflict Activity under SUFAL Project

  • Current Status of the Project:Ongoing
  • Project Starting Date:July 2021
  • Project Completion Date:June 2022
  • Project Organizer:BFD/NACOM
  • Project Categories:
Capacity building, Natural Resource Management

Elephant Conservation and Human Elephant Conflict Activity under SUFAL Project

The project has been assigned to NACOM by the Bangladesh Forest Department to carry out project sub-activities of the SUFAL project.  The main objectives of the assignment are to take proper management interventions for the conservation of Asian Elephants in Bangladesh that will contribute to the implementation of the Bangladesh Elephant Conservation Action Plan while ensuring the HEC mitigation. The specific objective of this assignment are as follow:

  1. To understand the current  status  and trends  of human-elephant conflict  (HEC)  and reduce  HEC incidences and its consequences;
  2. To develop a strategic plan for sustainable management of the HEC;
  3. To develop a training  module  to  increase  capacity  and  efficiency  of the  frontline  staff and Elephant Response Teams (ERT) to reduce HEC consequences;
  4. To develop awareness and outreach  materials  for elephant conservation and HEC mitigation;

The main outputs of the project are:

  • Prepare HEC Status Report and GIS-Based Map on HEC
  • Preparation and Submission of Draft Training Module and Flyer
  • ERTs Formation and Reactivation, Reformation and Mobilization of the Existing ERTs
  • Strategic Plan for the sustainability of all ERTs
  • Develop Outreach Activity materials
  • Provide Logistics supports to ERTs
  • Video documentary on elephant, its status and conservation.