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BUR1 Component 3: Developing Country/ local emission factors

  • Current Status of the Project:Ongoing
  • Project Starting Date:October 2021
  • Project Completion Date:December 2022
  • Project Organizer:DoE/NACOM
  • Project Categories:Climate change
Climate Change, Study

BUR1 Component 3: Developing Country/ local emission factors

Component 3: Developing Country/ local emission factors

Bangladesh already completed INC, SNC, INDC and TNC and at present development of NDC is going on. For making GHG inventory for these studies, the country uses IPCC default emission factors for all sectors. BUR1 project is designed to develop emission factors for the power and agriculture sector. For the power sector, BUR1 will develop/update the national grid emission factor which was developed in 2013 and for the agriculture sector, BUR1 will develop CH4 emission from irrigated rice fields and livestock sector and N2O emission from the livestock sector.

Scope of Services: The Research Team of the organization will be engaged in developing the emission factors from the three indicated sectors for BUR1. This project will strengthen GHG database, procedures and institutional arrangements to allow the continued collection of GHG info. Quality improvement works for the GHG Inventory will be continued and focused on the methods and approaches for the data collection process, filling data gaps and supporting the establishment of a sustainable system for developing GHG.

The research team/organization/institution will undertake the following activities:

  • Stocktaking of the work done during INC, SNC, INDC, TNC, Updated NDC and other relevant studies/reports;
  • Review the IPCC 2006 guidelines including 2019 Refinement
  • Develop and update the national emission factors of (1) Grid emission factor of the power sector and (2) methane emission from irrigated rice field, manure management of livestock sector under agriculture sector;
  • Provide all collected data and share with DoE and UNDP for data verification;

Major Activities are:

Activity I: Plan the GHG Inventory Management System and Coordination

Activity II: Collect Activity Data and Emission Factors/Coefficients