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BUR1 Component 2: Preparation of National GHG Inventory (Energy, IPPU. AFOLU and Waste Sector):

  • Current Status of the Project:Ongoing
  • Project Starting Date:October 2021
  • Project Completion Date:December 2022
  • Project Organizer:DOE/NACOM
  • Project Categories:GHG emission estimation
Climate Change

BUR1 Component 2: Preparation of National GHG Inventory (Energy, IPPU. AFOLU and Waste Sector):

Project Description

According to the decision of CoP, each country has to submit its First Biennial Update Report (BUR1) to the CoP of the UNFCCC. The project will be prepared in line with Global Environment Facility (GEF-6) strategic focal area on climate change mitigation objective CCM3: fostering enabling conditions to mainstream mitigation concerns into sustainable development strategies. Program 5 of this objective aims to mainstream the climate considerations into the national planning process and to help countries mainstream mitigation action in support of the 2030 Agenda for achieving SDGs.

Scope of Work:

The goal of this project is to fulfil the decisions of COP 16 & 17, which requires developing countries to submit biennial update reports (BURs) containing updates of the following components of the project. For this component detailed description of the scope of work for this project is presented below:

Component 2: Preparation of National GHG Inventory (Energy, IPPU. AFOLU and Waste Sector):

It is envisaged that the Emission Inventory for the year 2013-2019 under the BUR1 will be conducted following the IPCC 2006 Guidelines. It will also draw on the IPCC Good Practice Guidance and Uncertainty Management in National GHG Inventories, and the Good Practice Guidance on Land Use, Land-use Change and Forestry. An account of the methodology used and the quality assurance/ quality control (QA/QC) measures adopted will be included. Four major activities/ sectors will be covered under the inventory, which includes (a) energy, (b) IPPU, (c) AFOLU, (d) wastes management.

Scope of Services: Besides the consultants, the Inventory Team of DoE which has been formed during the preparation of the TNC will be engaged in preparing the GHG inventory of the BUR1. This project will strengthen the GHG database, procedures and institutional arrangements to allow the continued collection of GHG info. Quality improvement works for the GHG Inventory will be continued and focused on the methods and approaches for the data collection process, filling data gaps and supporting the establishment of a sustainable system for developing GHG. The BUR1 will further put emphasis in institutionalising the reporting process, through raising awareness amongst key stakeholders, consultations with the relevant key stakeholder institutions in order to get their buy-in into the process. Seminar, Workshop, Focus Group Discussions (FGD), Key Informant Interview (KII), and training on different components will be organized to create new partnerships for benefiting more people, community and stakeholders from different socio-economic sectors. Programs will also be undertaken to generate awareness and educate more people in the academic levels on climate change issues.

GHG inventory will cover mentioned years highlighting emission sources and sinks including key source analysis and a report for GHG inventory will be prepared. Summary information tables for previous submission years will be included in the BUR1 to present consistent time series back to the years reported in previous NCs. NACOM will undertake the following activities:

a) Stocktaking of the work done during INC, SNC, TNC and other relevant studies/reports;

b) Organize training programme for 4 sectors, provide training (3 days for energy sector and 4 days for non-energy sector) to relevant representatives of all sectoral institutions for proper data collection and developing data management system;

c) Prepare GHG emission inventories (2013-2019) for the sector of (a) energy, (b) industrial process and other product use (IPPU), (c) agriculture, forestry and other land-use (AFOLU) and

(d) wastes management;

d) Provide all collected data and share with DoE and UNDP for data verification;

e) Enhance the capacity of the Department of Environment inventory team and other government officials for preparing future GHG inventories;

f) Share the inventory report with relevant agencies and experts for their comments and reviews;

g) A chapter on GHG inventory is prepared

Major Activities are:

Activity I: Plan the GHG Inventory Management System and Coordination

Activity II: Collect Activity Data and Emission Factors/Coefficients

Activity III: Estimate GHG Emissions and Removals

Activity IV: Draft BUR1 Report and Review

Activity V: Finalize BUR1 and Establish National Inventory Improvement Plan

Final Expected results and deliveries (Outputs)

  • INC, SNC and TNC GHG inventory reviewed to address gaps.
  • Data collection capability of the relevant sectoral institutions enhanced and GHG Inventory management system developed to allow the continued collection of GHG information National emission factors for key source categories(agriculture and forestry) updated.
  • GHG inventory for the year 2013-2019 will be prepared using IPCC 2006 guidelines for the categories: Energy, IPPU, AFOLU and Waste.
  • The capacity of the Department of Environment officials to prepare future GHG Inventory is enhanced.
  • GHG Inventory chapter of BUR1 prepared