Technical Capacity Statement of NACOM

NACOM has undertaken and completed a number of projects in biodiversity conservation, participatory resource and ecosystems management, wetlands/floodplain resource management, fisheries management, sustainable livelihood, awareness creation, environmental training, floral and faunal and other ecological surveys etc. and has gained huge experience in the renewable natural resource management and related areas. NACOM has extensive working experience on diverse ecosystems ranging from haor environment to hilltops throughout the country.

These are the technical capacity of NACOM that supports the implementation of the project activities.

(i) Species Conservation

Species specific conservation of animal and plants are often required to protect and rejuvenate the declining species. We have extensive experiences and skills in conserving and rehabilitating the endangered species. And in our various NRM projects, we have species specific protection activities. We have successful records in conserving the following species:

Marine turtle conservation: NACOM carried out extensive in-situ and ex-situ conservation activities in Cox’s Bazar –Teknaf areas and also in Saint Martin’s island. We have appropriate methods and tools for the purpose. Our conservation activities including ex-situ incubation of turtle eggs, control of beach dogs, protection of nesting grounds, in-situ protection of nests, demonstration of safe release of turtles caught in fishing nets to fishermen, community meetings.

Pallas’s Fishing Eagle: In our Tanguar Haor Project, we took initiative to safeguard the Pallas’s fishing eagle through providing nesting substitute and protecting nestlings of the bird.

Spoon-billed sand piper: In our KNCF supported project, we have taken an initiative to monitor and protect the spoon-billed sand piper in the coastal areas of Bangladesh. Our activities include regular monitoring, community meetings and awareness building.