Research Methodology

The project aims at achieving 4 major objectives, namely, tracking of changes in local ecosystem and biodiversity, identifying climate change impacts and developing adaptation strategies. Based on these objectives, a number of project activities have been identified and corresponding methodology are centered on these activities. As shown in the Fig. 1,  a conceptual framework has also been developed which shows an overview of the project structure,  relates the various activities to be undertaken in relation to objectives of the project and  flow of activities for the field implementation of the project


To set up a participatory ecosystem and biodiversity monitoring system with a provision for acquisition

Select the indicators for monitoring

Monitoring of every item or component of an ecosystem would not feasible. Therefore, some indicators which are responsive to climate change, allow quantifiable estimation and easy to monitor would be selected for subsequent monitoring. The success of the proposed monitoring program will largely depend on the careful selection of the indicators. We propose to employ a number of indicators covering physical, chemical and biological parameters. These might include water quality, animal and plant species, phyto- and zoo-plankton communalities, etc, In addition to expert consultation, local people will also be consulted through conducting PRAs and FGDs for the selection of indicators for monitoring.


Develop methodologies and monitoring framework

Once the indicators are selected, we will develop detail methodology for monitoring each individual indicators, including tools to be used, frequency and time of monitoring and detail methods for field sampling. The methodology would be easy to follow so that different stakeholders can use with ease. The methodology will allow for the participation of different stakeholders, including community people, school students, and relevant local organizations, local government departments and research institutes. .


Pilot the developed methodology

Once the detail methodology and framework is developed, we will pilot the developed methodology in small area of each of respective selected ecosystem and be finalized with modifications, if necessary.