A guideline to Local Level Climate change adaptations for Noakhali (In Bengali)

The fact that climate change is happening has been proven without a doubt. The effects of climate change can be seen easily and in future its effects will be much more significant. The main cause of this change is the increase of atmospheric temperature. The planets temperature increase has been identified as a al problem and people are increasingly becoming resilient with coping mechanisms. Due to temperature increase, the fundamental weather pattern has been changing too. It is estimated that by the year 2100 the average temperature of the planet may increase from 40˚C up to 60˚C. the average rainfall of Bangladesh may increase by 12%. 


Success Stories of Alternate Income Generation Activities of Fishers an experience from coastal region of Noakhali (In Bengali)

Due to al temperature rise, natural disasters such as cyclones, flood, tsunami etc are being seen much more frequently and in much more devastating scales. There has even been changes noticed in the rainfall pattern in the recent years. Varying between seasons there shall be over raining or lack of rains. Due to this it is disrupting agricultural production, fish and biodiversity and in the end negatively effecting human livelihood. Bangladesh is the country which shall be most adversely effected due to climate change. It is land prone to various natural disasters. 


Impact of Climate Change on Food and Nutrition Security in Bangladesh: Issues, Policies and and Agenda for action

This publication is the final outcome of the research carried out by the authors under a project titled "Impact of Climate Change on Food and Nutrition Security in Bangladesh: Issues, Policies and an Agenda for Action" supported by the European Union and facilitated by Nature Conservation Management (NACOM). 


 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

CITES: A Handbook for Bangladesh

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