Nacom’s Services

NACOM provides technical and management services to other organizations and projects that address environmental issues and foster responsible management of natural resources
NACOM undertakes action research to understand the ecological processes, the status and trend of changes of living organisms at species, habitat and ecosystem levels and their linkages to the local people and their livelihood.
NACOM organizes training courses, workshops, nature walk, nature camps and promotes nature education
NACOM develops and delivers appropriate and innovative methodology, tools for natural resource and ecological surveys and natural resource management
NACOM offers capacity building training on natural resource management for project staff, community people and local public representatives

Nacom's Specialty

NACOM values indigenous/traditional knowledge for resource conservation and management
NACOM addresses gender issues in conservation management programs
NACOM undertakes innovative approaches and activities/actions for nature conservation
NACOM encourages community participation and community initiatives for resource conservation and management
NACOM encourages on inclusion of climate change issues in local development planning and interventions
We relate linkages between poverty and biodiversity conservation