History,Mission/Vision And Mandates
Nature Conservation Management (NACOM) is the pioneer, non-government, pro-environment organization in Bangladesh, initially founded in 1987 as Nature Conservation Movement (NACOM) and renamed in 1998 with broader mandate of activities in the area of natural resources management and livelihood development. NACOM is a formidable association of experienced professionals and its multidisciplinary team consists of professionals in the fields of natural resource survey and management, ecological and social assessment, environmental education and training, environmental impact assessment with a lot of experience in livelihood and community development and people’s participation.

NACOM’s goal is protection of nature for better human life. Its mandates relate to biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, climate change adaptation, poverty alleviation and sustainable natural resource management through research, information exchange and undertaking conservation activities.

NACOM has extensive experience in the design and implementation of various natural resources and environmental management programs, developing guidelines and tools for NR survey and management, capacity training on NRM, mobilization of local people towards resource conservation and participatory planning, developing climate change adaptation strategies, biodiversity and social assessment and monitoring and ecological and social impact assessment.

Governance Structure
NACOM has developed and organized a structured management system which is democratic. For the purpose of policy making and organizational management, NACOM has a three structured committees. These are as follows:

General Committee: General body is the highest and powerful body of NACOM. They meet regularly on a 6 monthly basis, but could meet on any urgent basis. This committee consists of all the general members of NACOM. They prepare and endorse all administrative, financial and programmatic policies of NACOM. The annual activities and financial income and expenditures are reported on the general meetings. The new members are endorsed at the general meeting of NACOM. The General Committee forms the Executive Committee, which is accountable to the General Committee. The committee also appoints an Audit Firm.

Executive Committee: The General Committee in its annual meeting forms an executive committee who run the organization for two years. They are responsible for day to day activities and virtually undertake all activities of the organization. They procure and implement projects following the guidelines prepared by the General Committee. The committee meets bimonthly and provides directives to the management staff. They are responsible for reporting to the Annual General Meeting.

Advisory Committee: NACOM has an Advisory Committee to advise on the NACOM programs and activities. The advisory position are offered to highly learned and nature loving people. They have no administrative or policy making power, although their suggestions and advices are highly respected. The advisory positions are endorsed at the General meeting.

Staff Details (This part shall be added later by us, for about 20 staffs)