World Environment Day 2014




World Environment Day 2014

2014-06-05 10:00:00 & Posted by : Mr Super admin root

On 5th June, 2014 NACOM celebrated World Environment Day with the rest of the world on 5th June 2014 at the Cox's Bazar District level. The events were as following:

  • Rally Starting from the Coxs Bazar Cultural Center to Long Beach Hotel with approximately 400 participants
  • A Prize giving ceremony: Prizes handed over among winner students of Art Competition.
  • Saplings distribution among the participants. 
  • There was a discussion and awareness session with these following topics

Understanding of Climate Change, causes and its impacts, Different types hazards,  Adaptation & mitigation strategies, Roles & responsibility of GO, NGOs, Local Government, Locals, Students, Plantation and use of fuel efficient improve cooking stoves.

World Environment Day 2014: Rally at Coxs Bazar

World Environment Day 2014: Prize Giving Ceremony at Coxs Bazar