Completed Project

Description of Project
Objectives of the project
Key Achievements
NACOM Deliverables

Wetland biodiversity Assessment and Development of Management plan.

Location within country : Northeast Region
Partner Organization : Northwest Hydraulic Consultants and Lavalin International
Start Date : June 1993Completion Date:July 1995

Name of Joint Venture Consultants: Bangladesh Engineering and Technology services

Description of Project:

The project aimed to assess the present state of wetlands biodiversity at species and ecosystem level. Characterization of wetlands faunal and floral composition at various zones the northeast Haor basin. The project also attempted for identification of rate trend and pattern of wetlands biological resources use by the local community, classification and prioritization of wetlands of ecosystems for management intervention.

The specific Objectives of the project were:
To collect past information on the wetland by literature review and interview of local community
To conduct Arial survey and ground truthing
To conduct biological survey; Faunal Survey and Floral Survey
To collect socio-economic data of the local community around the wetland
Species composition abundance, distribution
Water fowl census and monitoring
Development of indicative management plan for the key sites
Assess the resource use system and identify the threats
Suggest conservation measures, recovery plan.

NACOM Deliverables :

Conduct aerial survey and identified the wetlands
Prepare an inventory of all the wetlands of the region
Prepare data base of Amphibia, Reptiles, Mammals
Species checklist, their distribution and population status identification for some indicator species
Species recovery plan preparation
Ecosystem status categorization on the basis of Ramsar criteria
Wetland of international importance identification.