Completed Project

Description of Project
Objectives of the project
Key Achievements
NACOM Deliverables

Step Towards Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

Location within country : Central and North central Region (Padma-Jamuna Floodplain, Manikgonj and Brahmaputra Floodplain Mymensingh)
Partner Organization : Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
Start Date : June 2006
Completion Date : December 2008

Description of Project:

The overall objectives of the project were to assess the impact of indoor air pollution from biomass fuel use among rural women and reduce exposure by creating awareness and introducing improved earthen stoves. However, the specific objectives are:
Increase awareness among biomass users by providing information on health benefits, encouraging modifying kitchen design and fuel usage behavior and thereby reducing pollution.
Introduced improved earthen cook stoves and evaluate their efficiency in fuel usage, reducing air pollution.
NACOM Deliverables :
Formed women groups.
Introduction of improved earthen stoves and promotion of improved earthen stoves.
Conduct training on tree plantation and distribution of plant saplings among local women.
Conduct awareness training on health, population, gender, environment and pollution.
Produce billboards, training manual and posters.