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Description of Project
Objectives of the project
Key Achievements
NACOM Deliverables

A Research on Health Effects of Biomass Fuel Combustion on Women and Children and Option for Exposure Reduction-Phase I and II.

Assignment Location within country : Central Region (Padma-Jamuna Floodplain, Manikgonj)
Partner Organization : World Health Organization (WHO).
Start Date : April 2007
Completion Date : January 2009

Description of Project:

The overall objective of the study is to develop cost effective solution to reduce health hazards associated with biomass fuel combustion in kitchen which will ultimately help to devise a framework for energy policy liking health and overall development of the country. However, the specific objectives of the project are to
To assess the linkages between biomass fuel use and respiratory illness among women and children in rural areas.
To assess and test the efficacy of improved stoves and biogas in reducing the respiratory illness.
To assess the effect of hand-washing on child health with regard to diarrhea and acute respiratory infection.
To enhance the awareness of local people about the health hazards associated with biomass fuel use and about benefit of hand-washing.

NACOM Deliverables :

Conduct baseline survey, monitoring health effects of mother and children.
Enhancement of awareness program among local community.
Promotion of hand washing among respondent households.
Orientation on improved earthen stoves.
Collection of personal exposure data.