Completed Project

Description of Project
Objectives of the project
Key Achievements
NACOM Deliverables

Conservation and Monitoring of Wildlife Biodiversity in Tanguarhaor. –Phase I, II and III

Assignment Location within country: Northeast Region, Sunamganj Partner Organization: Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF) Start Date: June 2002 Completion Date: May 2005

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The project is being implemented in remote Tanguarhaor area, one of the richest haors in terms of biodiversity and conservation values in the whole haor system. The project is in Tahirpur and DharmapashaUpazilla of Sunamganj district. The intent of the project is to monitor and also create community awareness towards conservation of the haor biodiversity.
Conservation and monitoring of wildlife biodiversity in the Tanguarhaor
Undertake awareness activities
Undertake conservation activities
Monitoring of selected animal biodiversity

Detailed NACOM Deliverables :

Develop educational materials for awareness
Organize workshops
Conduct awareness programs
Formation of volunteer groups
Plantation of indigenous trees
Identification of nesting sites
Waterfowl census
Document waterfowl hunting activities