Completed Project

Description of Project
Objectives of the project
Key Achievements
NACOM Deliverables

Sundarban biodiversity conservation project.

Assignment Location within country: South-west region (Sundarban)
Partner Organization: Asian Development Bank and Forest Department
Start Date: July 2000Completion Date:October 2001
Name of Joint Venture Consultants: Arcadis Euro Consult, Winrock International, Kranti Associates

Description of Project:

The Project was a six-year initiative and a big and ambitious one to contribute towards conservation of the Sundarbans including its World Heritage site. Among various ones, some of the major objectives are:
To contribute to fulfill the Government’s commitment to Convention on Biological Diversity
To conserve the biodiversity of the Sundarban
To involve the local community in conservation
To arrange alternate income generation for the people in the buffer zone of the Sundarban
To develop structural and non structural measures for eco-tourism in the Sundarban
To conserve fisheries and wildlife resources
To develop the best and integrated management options for the Sundarban
To develop necessary human resources within and outside the Forest Department for proper management of the Forests

NACOM Deliverables :

NACOM was responsible for a small part of the project activity in contributing to the project as a part of the Technical Advisory Group. The activities undertook were:
Consult widely to gain consensus on the information and educational roles of the project relative to the community
Identify the stakeholders and determine how they can be best reached through community led education programs with biodiversity and natural resource conservation messages in particular disadvantaged gender groups
Develop, in consultation with the communities and NGOs, the structure of local community organizations to be formed under the project
Advise on the implementation of all project supported aspects of public information and environmental education